viernes, 11 de diciembre de 2015

Wellcome Myths at War

 Let us introduce ourselves. We are the first blog about Guerra de Mitos / Myths at war of Spain and started our aventure 2 years ago.

 In our first step, Abraham Gimenez developed a deep analysis of many cards of the game, made interviews, analize some champion decks, and more.
            In second Step we writed some articles in a Pantheon oriented line, talking about mythologies, origins, fundamental cards on decks, and some news from comunity.

            Unfortunately for you this material are all in Spanish (you need a translator as well). We want to offer you these articles and reports to give you an extense archive of your actual Mytologies pantheons, cards … and future ones.

            We will try to offer an introdution to cards and game knowlegde and will write our articles in both languages.

            We started  an overview over  Asgard pantheon, and analize some cards that have a new text for Spanish players. That will only the begining.

            Feel free to send us your articles, overviews or colaboration offer to our e-mail:

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